How to get your local business noticed online with the Shop Local Card

How to get your local business noticed online with the Shop Local Card

Are you a local business owner looking for effective ways to reach a wider audience, increase online visibility, and connect with customers who value supporting local businesses?

Look no further! With the Shop Local Card program, we provide a powerful platform for businesses to showcase their offerings and engage with their community.

In this blog post, we'll delve into how our website listings empower businesses by providing a range of marketing benefits.

  1. Increased Online Presence:

By listing your business on our Shop Local Card website, you gain access to a dedicated space where you can highlight your products or services. This online presence serves as a virtual storefront, showcasing your offerings to a targeted audience actively seeking local businesses to support.

  1. Social Media and Website Integration:

We understand the importance of driving traffic to your own social media platforms and website. With our website listings, you can include direct links to your social media profiles and website, enabling potential customers to explore your business further and engage with your brand on their preferred platforms.

  1. Niche-Specific Categorization:

We recognize the diversity of businesses in our program and understand the significance of reaching the right audience. Our website allows you to list your business under specific niches, ensuring that customers searching for specific products or services can easily discover your business within their desired category.

  1. Online Discount Codes:

As an SLC member, you have the option to offer exclusive online discount codes to Shop Local Card holders. This incentive encourages cardholders to choose your business over competitors, driving sales and fostering customer loyalty. By providing a unique discount code, you create an enticing value proposition that encourages repeat business and word-of-mouth recommendations.

  1. Flexible Listing Management:

We believe in giving businesses control over their listings. With the Shop Local Card program, you never have to sign a contract, allowing you the freedom to modify or remove your listing as per your evolving business needs. Our user-friendly dashboard makes it easy to update your information and adapt to changing circumstances.

  1. Set It and Forget It:

We understand that running a business requires your attention and time. That's why we designed our listing system to be hassle-free. Once you've set up your business profile on our website, it becomes a passive marketing tool that continues to work for you even when you're busy attending to other aspects of your business. Set it and forget it, knowing that your business is being promoted to a targeted audience.

  1. Quick and Easy Application Process:

We value your time, which is why we've streamlined our application process to be quick and straightforward. It takes just one minute to fill out the application and get your business listed on our website, unlocking a world of marketing opportunities and increased exposure to potential customers.


With our Shop Local Card program, your business gains a powerful online marketing platform to showcase your products, reach a wider audience, and engage with customers who prioritize supporting local businesses. Take advantage of our website listings, social media integration, niche-specific categorization, and the flexibility to offer online discount codes. Join the community of over 160 businesses already benefiting from the Shop Local Card program and elevate your marketing efforts to new heights. Don't miss out on this opportunity to connect with local shoppers who are eager to support businesses like yours. Apply now and watch your business thrive!

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